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renew your life 

reclaim your self confidence and live the way you deserve

Live the Life You Deserve

Therapy for Growth and Healing

Helping people to reduce anxiety, improve self worth, overcome burnout and heal trauma

EMDR and Talk Therapy
In Seattle and throughout Washington State

You can't take one more sleepless night battling your racing thoughts.

You're tired of feeling undervalued at work and in your relationships.

You wish you could feel excited about your future instead of worrying about all the bad things that could happen.

You know you can't stretch yourself any further. The daily struggles have become too much.

You're not sure what to do but you know something has to change.

In therapy you can learn to...

Trust yourself and your decisions

Feel confident 

Feel respected and valued

Understand your emotions

Feel empowered and in control

Express your needs without guilt 

Feel safe and at peace

Woman receiving therapy in Seattle WA
Katrina Knutson Seattle WA Therapist

Hi, I'm Katrina!

I believe everyone deserves a space where they feel heard and understood. Too often people ignore their mental health or think they should be able to figure it out on their own. We are not made to do it all alone. There is strength in reaching out for support.  

I work with people in Seattle and throughout Washington State to help them reconnect with their own ability to heal and grow. 

Learn more about me here

In Our work together I can help you...

Learn concrete coping skills to manage anxiety and panic

Find your worth and gain confidence 

Navigate your childhood and process both big and small traumas

My specialties include...


Learn how to manage and cope with anxiety.

Feel calm and in control.

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Self Worth

Feel confident and valued in your career and relationships.

Trust your decisions and actions.

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Nervous System Regulation

Learn how to use your body and breath to support your nervous system.


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Heal past traumas.

Learn to thrive in the present


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Schedule your free Consult

This is a brief phone or video session where you can ask me any questions you may have about therapy and my practice. I’ll also ask you about your reason for coming to therapy to make sure it is something I can help you with.

Attend your weekly sessions

At the time of your free consultation you will be given a day and time every week that is held just for you.

During these sessions we will develop a treatment plan and work towards your therapy goals.

Live the life you deserve

Use the tools and self awareness you gain in therapy for the rest of your life.

Invest in yourself today!




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