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Therapy for Self-Worth

You often feel responsible for other people’s emotions.  You’re not able to be happy unless others around you are happy. You feel guilty if you disappoint someone. You’d rather put your own needs aside so you won’t be a burden. You’re afraid people might leave you if you ask for what you want. You feel resentful that people don’t treat you the way you treat them. You’re constantly comparing yourself to others. You're afraid to fail. You often second guess your own feelings. You avoid conflict. You’re uncomfortable being vulnerable. It’s hard to say no. You feel undervalued. You're tired. You're burnt out.

What is Low Self-Worth?

If these statements resonate with you, you may be struggling with low self-worth.

Low self-worth is an inherent belief that you are less valuable than others around you. 

It can come from many life experiences including emotional neglect or abuse as a child, bullying at school, critical parents, trauma, always being compared to your peers, or only receiving praise for your achievements.

How Therapy can Help Improve Self-Worth

What if you could feel confident in your decisions and actions. Ask for what you need without feeling guilty. You could share your ideas and opinions without worrying what others might think. What if you believed that you are already enough despite your achievements. Trusted that people in your life will stick around even if you disappoint them from time to time. What if you felt comfortable saying no and allowed yourself to rest.

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In therapy you will build awareness of your inner critic and learn to challenge your negative thoughts. You will be able to identify your needs and learn to feel safe putting yourself first. Therapy will teach you the importance of boundary setting at work and in your relationships so that you have time to prioritize yourself. Together we will incorporate personalized self care activities to help you live a balanced life. In therapy we will explore where your core beliefs formed and you will learn to use self acceptance and self compassion to heal these old beliefs.

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If you are ready to feel confident and valued, please reach out for your free consultation today. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about therapy or my practice.

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